Tip Of The Spear wishes to gratefully acknowledge and thank the following for their support of our soldiers and marines.

2 guys holding a certificate

Richie’s Specialty Pharmacy
Richie’s Specialty Pharmacy, located in Conroe, Texas, and has been a stalwart supporter of the Tip Of The Spear since we first started sending support to our Soldiers and Marines. This pharmacy is committed to helping its customers with a wide spectrum of pharmacological services. This includes compounding – the very exact practice of blending medicines in precise ratios. You won’t find this service at most comer pharmacies, and you won’t find too many pharmacies that are PCAB accredited, as Richie’s Pharmacy is.

Tip Of The Spear Co-founder Randy Au (right) presents a framed American flag to Richie Ray (left) of Richie’s Pharmacy. This flag actually flew over a US Marine outpost in Afghanistan during 2010. Photos of it can be seen in the “Photo Gallery” page of this site.

On behalf of the 2/2 Marines, “The Warlords,” Randy Au presents a certificate of appreciation to Richie Ray. Because of his generous support, the Marines made Richie an honorary Warlord. There is now an entire platoon of America’s finest young men that think of Richie as one of their brothers.


Grace Crossing Community Church of Christ
The Grace Crossing Community Church of Christ of Conroe, Texas has been a generous supporter of Tip Of The Spear, dating back to summer 2009. What a wonderful group of people! They are among the kindest, most caring people we’ve had the pleasure of knowing. They truly serve the community in which they’re located. They’re easy to find, too- right next to I-45 at exit 82.


Chattem Inc.
Chattem Inc. of Chattanooga, Tennessee, the consumer healthcare business of sanofi-aventis, has been graciously donating cases of Gold Bond Medicated Foot Powder and Balmex rash cream to our troops in Afghanistan. Because of the harsh surroundings in which our Soldiers and Marines serve, these two items are highly coveted (Learn more in the FAQ section of our website). You might be surprised by some of the other products that Chattem manufactures- Act Fluoride Rinse, Bull Frog sunscreen, Cortizone 10, IcyHot, Unisom and Selsun Blue to name a few. These are all great products made by a company that cares about our military!


Valu Markets
Valu Markets of Louisville, Kentucky jumped on board withus in 2009, and we haven’t forgotten about their kind donation. Valu Markets is an agile chain of superb grocery stores located in Louisville. They fine-tune each of their locations to serve the needs of the community that surrounds them. They care about the people of Louisville, Kentucky, and it obvious they care about the Soldiers and Marines serving in Afghanistan, too. We wish we had a Valu Market near us, because we would take advantage of some of their great services- like on-line grocery shopping with delivery! How great is that?!


Donations may be made instantly online through Paypal or by check if preferred