Tip Of The Spear exists to provide both essential and nonessential supplies to our service men and women deployed to hostile locations.

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Q. How is Tip Of The Spear different from other supports?
A. First of all, we’re proud to be among the various groups that are supporting our military. We all share the common goal of taking care of the men and women who are willing to protect our freedom. Our organization is a bit different, not only in its structure, but also in the items we ship. For example, we ship portable showers, boot dryers and Wonder Wash machines. We’ve even shipped building materials, tools, countertop water heaters and microwave ovens. Some of these items are shipped by request, made possible because we’ve established a relationship with the units we support. The relationships established enable the support shipments to be customized to the needs of the individual units.

Q. How often does Tip Of The Spear send support shipments over to our Soldiers and Marines?
A. We try to have each platoon we support receive a shipment roughly one time per month.

Q. How do you know just what items to ship?
A. We “debrief” some of the platoon members when they’ve returned to the States. We continuously tweak the items we send based on their input.

Q. How big are the boxes in each shipment, and how many of these boxes are in each shipment?
A. We use the Large Flat Rate Boxes from the US Postal Service. Each measures about 12”x12”x6”. A typical monthly shipment consists of 25-30 boxes.

Q. How do the “Boots on the Ground” groups know what to get for their assigned platoons?
A. Tip Of The Spear provides a comprehensive list of items to be sent. Boots On The Ground groups are able to supplement each shipment with additional items, if they choose.

Q. If we become a “Boots on the Ground” group, how much time should we allot for each monthly shipment?
A. Each monthly shipment takes about 16-24 man-hours to pick up, pack, label and ship.

Q. In your Acknowledgement section, you mentioned Balmex diaper rash cream as something you ship. I also saw where you ship over baby wipes. Why do you send baby care items?
A. There is a demand for Balmex because it helps our Soldiers and Marines deal with rashes resulting from sandstorms. Baby wipes are used for personal hygiene when our platoons are unable to take showers.

Q. I’ve seen reference to “Wonder Wash” machines on your site. What are they?
A. Wonder Wash machines are compact devices that can be used to wash clothing literally out in the middle of no where. They are slightly bigger than a one-gallon milk jug and make clever use of water and physics to get clothing clean in a hurry. They’re an absolute hit with units serving at “the tip of the spear.” who often go days at a time wearing the same fatigues.

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